Motorcycle Accidents

With beautiful weather year-round, Florida is a paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts. Weekend rides, motorcycle rallies, and charity events are regular occurrences in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, Florida leads the United States in both motorcycle deaths and injuries. There is an 80% chance of injury in a motorcycle accident compared to 20% under the protection of an automobile. With motorcycle accidents accounting for 15% of all traffic fatalities, these incidents are often tragic.

Motorcycle accidents are 25 times more deadly than those involving motor vehicles. While all accidents are concerning, riding a motorcycle is a disadvantage on Florida’s roadways. That’s why it is now, more than ever, important to avoid distractions such as smart phones, entertainment systems, and texting while driving to make Florida’s highways safer for our motorcycle friends.

In 2000, the motorcycle Helmet Law was amended in Florida. This change allowed adults over the age of 21 the option to not wear a helmet or protective gear on motorcycles so long as they secured $10,000.00 in motorcycle or health insurance coverage. Studies show that, on average, one in seven motorcyclists in Florida do not wear a safety helmet, which further compounds the likelihood of a serious bodily or brain injury.

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